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Our Big Task

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By the end of the topic, pupils will apply their skills to:

Present a workshop to the rest of the school about energy, its production, where it comes from, the processes involved and its sustainability. As employees of Trelewis Energy Corp’, they will be learning all about how electricity is produced and the problems that arise from using fossil fuels and nuclear energy. They will use their research skills to look in detail at the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl and the impact it had on the surrounding environment and inhabitants. They will contrast this with the use of renewable energies and debate the pros and cons of using wind power, solar power etc. to power the world. They will become experts on ‘Circuits’ and eventually use their design and technology skills to make their own wind turbines to generate energy that will power their circuits. The music they create will match each type of energy and will provide the background music at their workshop; helping the younger children understand all there is to know about energy production.