Trelewis Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd Trelewis


Class 5

All tasks set for the day will be uploaded below. There will be one Literacy and one Maths. There will be a reading task set on Purplemash each day for pupils to complete if they wish. The spelling lists for the week will also be below.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me 9:00am- 10:30am on class dojo or 

Home Learning 1/4/20

All activities for the remainder of this week will be EASTER THEMED 😊

Maths-Mark your area work from Monday and yesterday. Check over any mistakes you have and green pen them.

Complete the time Easter Joke challenge (worksheet attached but no need to print)

Literacy-Write an Easter themed calligram. The teaching notes have been attached on dojo to give you some examples.  The file is too big to put on here.

Reading- Story on Purple Mash – An invasion of Navvies – Please read chapter 3, answer the multiple choice questions and complete ‘The story continues’ activity. I believe I didn’t assign chapter 2 questions to pupils yesterday so they should be on there too.

Spellings- Week 2 list (file uploaded) Wednesday’s activity

Optional Activity- Wellie Wednesday!

Boil 2 eggs and have an egg and spoon race in your garden 😊

Picture 1

Home Learning 31/3/20

All activities for the remainder of this week will be EASTER THEMED 😊

Maths- Create some colourful Easter Egg designs BUT they must be symmetrical (same of both sides) and complete the area questions from yesterday. I will send over the answers this afternoon.

Literacy- The Easter Story- Read the Easter story  book and create a comic strip to re- tell the story. A template is attached but if you haven’t got a printer then you can ask an adult to draw some squares in your green book.

Reading- New story on Purple Mash – An invasion of Navvies – Please read chapter 2, answer the multiple choice questions and complete the design a tree house activity.

Spellings- Week 2 list (file uploaded) Tuesday’s activity

Optional Activity

Make an Easter craft using anything you have in your home. Send me your wonderful creations and I will share on class dojo.

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Home Learning 30/3/20

Maths- Complete the area of rectangles sheets. There are 3 sheets here so these should take you 2 maths sessions (today and tomorrow) to complete as they are quite big numbers and you will need to remember how to do grid multiplication too. I will post a video shortly to remind you what to do. You do not need to draw the shapes you can show your workings in your green book.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Literacy- Correct the punctuation sheet. Copy the sentences in your best handwriting on the lined paper given, adding the missing punctuation. The answers will be sent this afternoon so you can mark.

You can also mark your reading comprehension from last week today too.

Reading- New story on Purple Mash – An invasion of Navvies – Please read chapter 1, answer the multiple choice questions and complete the busy scene description.

Spellings- Week 2 list (file uploaded) Monday’s activity

Optional Activity

Spring is well on its way. What signs of spring can we see around us? Can you draw/ colour/ paint a spring scene. You can use your green book for this.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Home Learning tasks 27/3/20

Maths-Problem solving Friday.  Complete the 2 problem solving tasks that are stuck in your green book. Remember to use the headings. What do I know? What do I want to find out? How will I find out.


Literacy- I think it would be a great idea for you to keep a little diary of each day during this unusual time. This is something you could look back on when you are old (like me 😊 ). I will be writing one also! These diaries don’t need to be uploaded to seesaw as these moments for you to record, if you have days where you feel worried and anxious, this may help you release your thoughts and feelings. Todays task is to find an old scrapbook/ notebook or piece of paper if you have no other and decorate the front of your diary with all the things you like. On the first page I want you to write down all the things you have done on your first week in isolation and how you have been feeling about it all. Remember you are a part of History and your children may be reading your diaries in years to come.

Reading- Chapter 7 and the final chapter of Animal Boy (Purplemash) with multiple choice questions and book review.

Spellings- Have you been learning your spellings this week? Play the 4 in the row game that we play in class to see how you do.

Optional Task

Have fun with cosmic yoga.


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Home Learning tasks 26/3/20

Maths- Area problems (See uploaded document)

Literacy- A virtual world reading comprehension (text and the question booklet will be found in the pupil’s blue folder brought home)

Reading- Chapter 6 of Animal boy with the multiple choice questions and the continuation of the story (Purplemash) Please make sure you read previous chapters that have been sent before doing this.

Spelling- Day 4 activity (already uploaded)

Optional fun activity

Our school logo at Trelewis is the shield with someone reaching for the stars and we have the motto ‘reach for the stars’. As you now have your own home school I would like you to name it and design your own home/ school badge with a motto that reflects who you are. Send me your ideas and I will post on our class page. You may use a shield shape as a base or simply be as creative as you want. I look forward to seeing all the lovely designs.

Home Learning 25/3/20

Maths- Area Worksheet to be completed. You simply count the squares, remembering cm². A more challenging sheet is attached if you want it.

Challenge Activity - With your squared paper you must investigate making as many different shapes that have an area of 12cm². Draw them, colour them in and take a photo on seesaw. I will check and post the winner of the most DIFFERENT shapes. (Your seesaw login details are in the back of your green book- download the app and simply upload a picture by scanning the QR code.)


Write your defeating the dragon story on google docs and share it with me. I will mark it with green and pink pen just like I would in school and send it back to you. Remember to include as many of the things from the what makes good grid.


Reading (Purplemash) Chapter 5 of Animal Boy with multiple choice questions along with the annotated diagram of Josh. (All on your to dos) Don’t forget to ‘hand in’ so I can see it is completed.


Spelling- Day 3 activity (already uploaded)


Additional activity- Wellie Wednesday

Make a dragon outside ( big art attack idea) What can you find outdoors in your garden to make a dragon picture?  Bring things from indoors and lay them on the ground. How creative can you be? Pictures should eb uploaded onto seesaw and I will share on class dojo.




Home Learning tasks 24/3/20

Maths- Perimeter word problems.

You do not need to draw the shapes but simply show your workings out.

Literacy- Use your dragon creature that you invented in school last week to plan a ‘defeating the dragon’ story. The link for the video stimulus we used is attached. If you weren’t in school, the model text we used it also attached along with the what makes good grid. The plan format is attached but I know lots won’t have a printer so you can write what will be in each paragraph. Today you are not writing the story but just planning.

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Reading (purple mash) - Chapter 4 of animal boy with multiple choice question. Then complete the giving advice to Josh activity.

Spelling- See your spelling list already uploaded (day 2 activity)


Optional task

Make a rainbow and place it in your window for everyone to see. Send me your pictures and I will upload to dojo!

Tasks 23/3/20

Maths- Perimeter of shapes.

Please complete the attached sheet. Pupils do not need to draw the shapes. For pupils who were absent last week I have attached a powerpoint of key teaching points.

Literacy- Acrostic poem

As it was mother’s day yesterday, I would like you to write an acrostic poem about your mother or someone who is like a mother to you. You could do your sister, carer, auntie or grandmother too. You could even use their name instead of the word mother, if you wish. Write  a sentence about that person beginning with the first letter of that name.

What makes good?

Can you make it rhyme?

Can you  use a simile? (She is sweet as sugar)


My mum is the best, she is better than the rest

Utterly nice, like sugar and spice

Makes me smile but when she hugs I run a mile!

You may wish to complete on google docs and email them to me once you have completed. If you don’t have access to this you can write on paper and upload a picture to seesaw if you wish.

Spelling Task- See uploaded spelling list word document.



Optional task

Today would have been your music lesson. Login to your new charanga account and complete one of the activities that Mrs Jones has set for you.