Trelewis Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd Trelewis


Committee Meeting Minutes



First Pupil Voice Committee meeting

  • Children In Need

  • Ella, Noah and Lewis to make a poster.

  • Pupil Voice Committee Stall


   . Nail Painting . Best dressed/ parade . Face paints . Funky Friday games.

  • Committee to come up with ideas for CIN by Friday.





  • Nail Painting 50p

  • Pudsey Ears 2.50 each

  • Face Painting

  • Throw the ball in the bucket

  • Craft section

  • Karaoke

  • Penalty Shootout

  • Dance games

  • Colour changing Pudsey bracelets £1 each



Agenda: To decide what actions PVC will take over the next half term.


Ideas we like

15 minute session - feedback

Pupil Takeover day { Topic based only }

Overseas collaboration

Grounds Team - 2 pupil voice committee from each class  could have an election for the grounds team and each class could have an area on the school premises.


Next steps: Grounds team election

                   Miss Martin to feedback to teachers about Pupil Takeover Day

                   Feedback session to be named and slips made



Agenda: Deciding 4 PVC targets.

               Digital Leaders - vlog


Ideas shared:

  • Well being target - Reduce Screen time - Letter home about counting screen time. Survey to compare .
  • Eco target - grounds team - bug hotel, reduce electricity - switching lights off. 
  • Whole School Target - Positivity - positivty postits - owen suggests make a poster.
  • Digital Target - Vlog about being kind/nice online. 


Targets to be shared with the school in Assembly. 


Jobs to be divided throughout the Committee. 


Meeting next week to discuss points further. 

Agenda: Planning Comic Relief 


What should the theme be - vote taken, 'Just out of Bed' - pyjamas and crazy hair.

Day of games and activities will be put on for the school - classes to be taken out class by class (learning from previous experience.)

Everyone to donate a £1 in the morning.

Red noses to be ordered to be sold around the school for £1.25