Trelewis Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd Trelewis


My Child's Progress

At Trelewis Primary School, our main aim is that all pupils make good progress whilst they are with us. We want the Parents of our pupils to be regularly updated with this progress so that they are able to support their child at home, and celebrate their success in school! 


We aim to communicate this progress regularly and in a number of ways.


Meet the Teacher

At the start of each year, parents are invited into school to meet their child's class teacher. During this session, your child's class teacher will provide you with the routines for class, skills your child will be learning, and ways in which you can help support your child over the year. It's a great way for you to have some insight into how to help your child make the best progress at Trelewis Primary School.


Reading Records

Although not always possible to give in-depth, weekly updates, we do aim to communicate with you to let you know how your child is doing; particularly in regards to their reading. Our pupils have reading records which are used as a regular communication tool between home and school to inform you of your child's reading progress.


Reading Progress

As your child makes progress with their reading, we want you to be informed of the progress they are making. Whether they are in Foundation Phase and in 'Read, Write, Inc.' or further up the school, you will be kept up to date with your child's reading progress throughout their time in school. 


Within the Foundation Phase, we will keep you updated as your child makes progress through the 'Read, Write, Inc.' programme. You will be notified of the reading group your child is in, and whether they are on track to be attaining the standard expected for their age.


Throughout your child's time in school, your child's reading age will also be communicated with you, allowing you to see the progress your child is making against expected outcomes for children of the same age. 


Learn with me Sessions

Throughout the year we hold regular opportunities for you and your child to work together, so that you have a better idea of strategies you can use at home to support your child's learning. It is also a good opportunity for you to see your child's progress in school, and the sorts of tasks they take part in within the classroom.


Parents Evenings

We want to keep you up to date with how your child is doing in school. We hold 2 Parents Meetings each year to update with you your child's progress; one in Autumn Term (October) and one in Spring Term (February). By holding these meetings throughout the year we are able to help you better support your child as they make progress within their school year.


Parent Book Looks

In the Summer Term we hold a 'Book Look' evening, where Parents are welcome to come into school and sit with their child to see all the fantastic learning that they have been doing in class. 


End of Year Reports

At the end of the Summer Term (July) all parents are provided with an end of year report that outlines the progress that their child's progress over the year. This will outline their attitudes to learning and the progress that they have made in a range of subjects, as well as their literacy and numeracy development. 


National Test Report (Year 2 - Year 6)

As part of the end of year procedures, your child will receive an analysis of their performance and progress in the National Tests. This report will give you an indication of their performance and progress made.


Learning Plans (where required)

Some of our pupils may require specific support to help them to make progress. Where this is the case a child is provided with a learning plan which outlines the specific steps and targets needed to secure the progress of a child. These are reviewed termly with the class teacher, pupil and parent, so that everyone knows what needs to be done in order to secure progress for every pupil. 


As always, we operate an open door policy, and all parents are welcome to approach the school where concerns arise about their child's progress. You are welcome to contact the school at any point should you want further information about your child's progress at school.