Trelewis Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd Trelewis


Our Big Tasks

At Trelewis Primary School we want our pupils to be provided with authentic, real life contexts for their learning which allows them to apply their learning through a  range of curriculum subject areas. We believe that the best way of promoting our Pupils skills development is through rich activities which contribute to an overall end project/product which consolidates our pupils skills and knowledge development. 


Our 'Big Tasks' provide an end of term outcome, which is linked to the topic being explored in class. It is designed to allow pupils to bring together all their learning, and collaborate together on a single project or outcome which allows them to apply their skills and showcase their learning. 


For example, pupils may have spent the term looking at the history and changes to the local area, in order to put together a documentary video that will be shared with parents, sharing this information. Such a project would require pupils to use a wide range of skills including, research, presenting, digital skills, creative skills etc, and provides an authentic way of providing a rich learning experience. Pupils are provided with regular opportunities to contribute to the planning process, which gives them more ownership of what they learn in class. 


Your child's Big task will be sent home at the start of each term and will provide you with;

  • The topic your child's class are looking;
  • An overview of the 6 Area of Learning skills that will be developed through the term;
  • Links to the LNF and DCF frameworks for Wales
  • The 'Big Task' project that Pupils will be working towards


Please find below a copy of your Child's Big Task Project Planner.