Trelewis Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd Trelewis


General Information


Your child's safety at school is our key priority. Whilst at Trelewis Primary we want all of our pupils to be safe and secure whilst in school. We have a number of different procedures in place that allow us to ensure that our pupils remain safe on site at all times.


Safeguarding procedures include:

  • Locked doors and gates during school day
  • All staff identified through the use of Staff ID badges
  • All visitors clearly identified whilst on site
  • All staff and visitors Enhanced DBS checked
  • Safeguarding Officers trained within staff


For more information about Safeguarding and the procedures in place, please see the 'Safeguarding' section of the Website.


School Day

Our school day starts officially at 9:00am and finishes at 15:30pm (15:20 for our Nursery Pupils). Pupils are welcome to begin entering the School from 8:50am so they have plenty of time to put their things away and settle into class with their peers, before the day begins. 


Fruit Snacks

At Trelewis Primary School we want to promote heathy living amongst all our pupils. Pupils are welcome to bring in a piece of fruit or healthy snack for morning break if they wish, to enjoy.

Please note: Grapes are not allowed to be provided for pupils at school due to choking concerns.


Getting to School

Due to the location of the school, direct access is not possible to Pupils and Parents by car. There are two main access points for pupils to get to school. The main point of access is via the school footbridge which is located just off the main high street in Trelewis. The other access point is the 'Top Gate' accessed via Cherry Tree way. Please note that, for safeguarding purposes, these gates will be locked between 9:45am and 15:15pm.


If you need to collect your child during the school day (between 9:45am - 15:15pm), please use the school footbridge so that you can access the school. The driveway is for staff use only. If your child has a disability that prevents them from walking to school, please contact the Office for access arrangements to be made. 


School Uniform

At Trelewis Primary School we encourage our pupils to wear their School Uniform to school. Many Parents/Carers find school uniform more practical and cost effective. Our school colours are burgundy and white. If you would like your child to wear clothing that has the school emblem on, there are various official providers for this; Treharris Sportsgear, N's School Wear Troedyrhiw and a selection of items available at



Water Bottles

At Trelewis Primary School we like to encourage our pupils to stay fit and healthy. As part of this, we encourage pupils to drink water throughout the day to keep themselves hydrated. We have a number of water fountains around the school, allowing all pupils to access cold drinking water. We ask that pupils are provided with a wide necked water bottle which has a coverable/retractable mouthpiece in order to maintain the hygiene of our fountains.


School water bottles are available to purchase from the school office for £2.00


PE Kits

Physical Education is an important part of our Curriculum at Trelewis Primary School. All pupils in the school take part in regular PE sessions, allowing them to get involved with different physical activities. As these sessions can take part at different points within the school day, we kindly ask parents to provide their children with a PE kit (with names marked on all items) which they are able to change into for PE sessions. 


Suggestion for PE kits to include:

  • Plain white t-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Black Plimsoll shoes (for indoor PE Autumn/Winter months)
  • Trainers (for outdoor PE in Spring/Summer months)


Although this is only a suggested list for PE, pupils can bring other clothing with them. However, we do kindly ask parents not to send pupils in with expensive clothing items such as designer/football tops, designer shorts etc.


Head lice

Head lice can be a common problem faced in many Primary schools. It is important that everyone helps to reduce this problem by checking your child's hair regularly - especially in colder months. For more information about head lice please contact the school nurse or your GP.


Separated Parents

As a school we appreciate that there are those families where parents are separated and, in some circumstances, no longer communicate. We want to make sure that those parents with shared responsibility get access to the same information. Below are some ways in which we aim to accommodate this:


  • All dates for events are updated on our school website so you always have access to what's going on.
  • Our termly newsletters outline key information about what is coming up in the school. These are sent home but, again, are also available on the website.
  • Class Dojo pages show pictures and news about what's going on in class so you can always see what your child has been up to. We also update our Twitter regularly with photos and news. You can request access to Class Dojo from the school office
  • Additional copies of the Annual report for your child can be provided upon request, or emailed digitally to you.
  • Separate Parents Evenings can be arranged, provided contact is made in advance with the school giving plenty of notice.


Please note that our text messaging system will only allow one number to send texts to and this cannot be changed. Also note that due to budget and resource, alongside printing costs, we are only able to print one copy of letters to go home.



At Trelewis Primary School, we take all complaints very seriously as we are committed to providing high quality education. We aim to make the school's complaints procedure east to follow with three easy steps:

  1. Informal Stage - You must contact the Headteacher of the school first as the vast majority of complaints can be resolved at this stage.
  2. Formal Stage - All complaints will need to be in writing and addressed to the Chair of the Governing Body. They will be thoroughly investigated and a response will be made in writing. 
  3. School Complaints Committee - If you are unhappy with the investigation you must write to the school and request the clerk to the Governing Body to review your complaint.


Please find our helpful 'Complaints Procedure' information sheet below.