Trelewis Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd Trelewis


Professional Learning

As a school we recognise that it is not only our Pupil who are required to learn and develop their skills, but that our staff also have a responsibility to continually develop their skills in securing the best possible education for our learners. 


As a school, we invest heavily in our staff's professional development and continue to put in place the relevant actions in order to secure ongoing school improvement. This has a direct impact on the standards of teaching and learning in the classroom which, as a result of our work, continue to be effective. 


As always, the school has an extensive variety of plans and targets that are put in place in order to secure this ongoing improvement, and there are many ways in which we do this including; 


  • Pupil Development Grant - As a school we are provided with additional funding in order to target Pupils who are the most deprived in our communities. More information about our PDG allocation and spend can be found on the PDG section of our website. 
  • School Development Plan - Every year, schools across the country are required to put together a clear plan that outlines the priorities for the school to work on in the coming year. These actions are usually identified as a result of the school's evaluation of its work and the school identifying those weaker areas that require further work. A copy of the school development plan can be requested. 
  • Professional Learning Plan - As a school we also put together a plan which is specifically linked to our with the Central South Consortia (CSC). The CSC provide schools with challenge and support to secure ongoing improvements in practice, as well as providing additional funding in order to secure this. Below you can find a link to our Professional Learning Plan which outlines how we use the grant funding to develop teaching and learning within the school. 


Please find our Professional Learning Plan below.