Trelewis Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd Trelewis


School Development

As a school, we are continually evaluating our work and identifying areas that will allow us to build on and develop the ongoing work of the school. School Development is a key part of our work and we understand that there will be areas of school life that we will need to improve on from time to time. Every year we use a wide range of monitoring activities that allow us to gain a good understanding of the school's strengths and good practices, as well as identying areas that could be improved. These areas are then put into a school development plan (or SDP) and become a central part of the school's ongoing work, as well as a focus for continual professional development. 

SDP 2022/2023

Following our evaluation and monitoring activities, the areas that the school will be working on in the coming academic year are;

  1. To embed a metacognitive approach to teaching and learning, in supporting the achievements of all learners
  2. To further develop Pupil writing skills, particularly within creative writing
  3. To improve the consistency of mathematics within the school, focussing on Pupils' reasoning ability. 
  4. To strengthen and build on relationships within the school, in order to better engage all Pupils with learning. 


A summary of what we will be doing as a school to achieve these priorities can be found below.