Trelewis Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd Trelewis


A message to our Pupils - Corona virus

To all our fantastic Pupils,


Today is a strange day for all of us at school. As you know from our assemblies and lessons at school there are some nasty bugs and germs about at the moment, which are causing lots of people to become very ill. The teachers and adults call this the ‘Corona virus’ but all you need to know is that it’s a germ that can cause lots of people to become very unwell.


In school, we always try to teach you to do the right thing – even if sometimes that means making difficult choices. This isn’t just something for children, but adults also have to make these difficult choices too. There are lots of adults who help to run our country that have to decide what the best thing is to do to help everyone fight these germs and keep you safe!


The adults who help run our country, including our Prime Minister, have decided that we will need to stay apart until things are better and we can all come back safely together to school again. These people think that they can look after us better, and find a cure quicker, if we stay apart for a little while. So we all have to be brave, just as we talk about in school, and do what they say.


I know lots of you are worried about this bug, but don’t panic! Our fantastic doctors and nurses are working very hard to make people better and there are lots of people who are trying to find a cure to stop the bug.


Your teachers will be teaching and caring for you in a different way for a little while. They will be communicating and setting you tasks online, and will be using Seesaw and Google Classroom to help you with your work and check on how you are feeling. Keep working hard, practicing your reading and numbers and try your best and talk about your worries. The grown-ups who are at home with you will understand if you are finding all of this a bit confusing or a bit difficult – everyone at school does too!


I will be checking in with all the teachers to see how you are doing with your home learning tasks, and look forward to seeing all your fantastic work. While we are off, make sure you listen to the grown-ups who are at home with you, phone your grandparents or families and ask how they are and remember to be kind to each other. Make sure you help around the house, just like you do when you help in class and remember – this will only be for a short while. If you are worried – tell someone.


Before you know it we will all be back at school learning, playing, and having fun together!



Mr Morgan & everyone at school!